Rather than writing a whole story and entering our contest, you might wish to just write down a few words, or sentences, or a paragraph, to share with others about what you think and how you feel about bullying. We would like to hear what you have to say!

We don’t have to accept the status quo on bullying. A bully-free world can be in the future and you can take an important step today to help achieve it by standing up and sharing your thoughts.

If your quote is approved, it will be posted in the “Share Your Thoughts” section of the Zoned Comics Website. You may choose to send along a picture with your quotation for our posting use.

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  2. Johnd735

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  3. Eve

    Why do people say bad things?
    To raise their self-esteem?
    To feel better about themselves?

    Why do people say you are worthless?
    They feel worthless themselves

    People say you’re too lazy to look things up or ask for help.
    But you know you’ll mess things up anyway no matter what you do.

    Why people say you’re okay?
    – Are you..? No.

    People call you disgusting, freak, fat, weak, nerd… They say you are a loser.
    But so are they.

    People are not any better than I am, neither they are worse.

    We all are a part of this World. We should all be treated with kindness and respect.

    Sadly, this is not often the case.

    People make you feel bad just to improve their self-esteem.
    People make you feel bad to feel better themselves.
    People say you are worthless while they feel the same about themselves.
    People say thing about you when they know you are on the edge of breaking down.
    People say you are okay while they might know you are not. They might not be themselves.
    People say you are lazy while they are too.
    At some part everyone is a loser. Some just hide it better than others.

    Do you make others feel worthless and bad? Do you call them names? Do you hurt them just to feel better yourself? Do you laugh it off when you see someone cry for help like it is not a big deal?
    You have two answers;


    And No.

    Which one did you choose? Did you choose the one that speaks the truth or did you choose the false?
    If you chose ‘’No‘’;
    Whoever you are, put thought into what you say and do. You have affection to others, and if you use it wrong, you’ll hurt people. And the more you hurt, the more and more pain you cause? Logical, right?
    People may hurt themselves when other make them hurt. People even kill themselves.

    Do you want to be the cause of that? Could you live with the thought?

    If you would answer ‘’No‘’, then stop. Stop bullying. By doing that you’ll end up hurting not only the bullied but also yourself.

    Stop bullying.