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Montreal, Thursday, November 13, 2014 – Shriners Hospitals for Children – Canada is proud to be associated with the ZONED Comic Contest which creates a platform for students to share their thoughts on bullying and the changes that need to happen. The comic book, based on the winning essay, was scripted and drawn into the current format by Marvel Custom Solutions. This contest provides a global platform, dedicated to showcasing solutions, and opening doors of possibility for anyone aged 13 years and older, who have writing talent, but may not have the avenues open to them to be recognized. Today, we celebrate the first issue entitled “Bullies in a Strange Land” which features the story of John Jeffery who suffered the effects of bullying and has subsequently healed from it. John Jeffery will be at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto until November 16th to share his story. This year’s Fair also marks the launch of the 2nd annual ZONED Comic Contest.

About the winners of the first ZONED Comic Contest.
“I was born in England in 1942. The story tracks my journey from the war years through immigrating to Canada in 1949, and the bullying that I suffered in Public and High School. It shows the impact that it has had on my life, and how I healed from it, and what people can do about bullying”, shares Mr. Jeffrey. He goes on to explain: “I was encouraged by a friend to write the story and to outline how I had suffered from bullying and the effect it had on my life. I introduced a second character, Farzan, into the story and he represents how bullying affects the current generation of immigrants.”

“The ZONED Comic Contest has adeptly realized the appeal of weaving the personal stories and perspectives of others into exciting and easily accessible comic books produced by Marvel encouraging young children like mine to engage in a dialogue to address bullying and proposing workable solutions,” says the second place winner, Richard Scott.

About ZONED Comic Contest Supporters/Permission Click.
Permission Click is proud to partner with The GreenZone Movement in the Zoned Comic campaign. “Permission Click is more than digital permission slips and payment collection for K-12 schools, we work tirelessly to improve daily life for educators and students. We believe the Zoned Comic campaign shares this goal and has undertaken a unique approach to empowering the battle against bullying in schools through inspiration.” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Permission Click Inc. Permission Click is committing a portion of campaign proceeds towards The GreenZone Movement to power their continued efforts in the Zoned Comic Campaign.

About ZONED Comic Contest Supporters/Balanced Heart Mission.
“I want to thank ZONED Comic for allowing the Balanced Heart Mission to highlight our work in their newly released comic “Bullies in a Strange Land” by way of a full page ad,” comments Lillie Hughes Director, Balanced Heart Mission.

The Balanced Heart Mission over the past six years has given insight into how good nutrition can affect children. Their ongoing field observation studies have shown that kids with sufficient omega 3 in their diet via supplementation of the right omegas become calmer, more cooperative children. Aggression often disappears, as they are able to pause long enough to think through how to manage stressful situations, as they encounter them on a daily basis, and to respond to them acceptably. Grades almost always improve, adding to the self esteem so necessary for a well balanced child. For many children even their sleep patterns improve leaving them more rested and able to handle their day.

“Our mission of getting Auum Sublingual Omega 3 to children labelled AD(H)D, LD and autistic has been a reward in itself, as we see progress in each child moving them ahead to a more peaceful and productive life. Observing autistic children especially, improve their communication skills, sometimes speaking their first word after 14 years of silence is an unparalleled reward,” concludes Ms. Hughes. The Balanced Heart Mission continues to provide and subsidize the cost of Auum omega 3 products to help children everywhere. They hope that this increased visibility by linking with the ZONED Comic Contest will allow them to help still more families to have happier children while moving forward to reach their personal potential.

How to get a copy of “Bullies in a Strange Land”?
We look forward to proving you with your commentary signed copy at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Booth #7306.

How to participate in the 2nd ZONED Comic Contest
Registration forms for the second year story submission are available at our booth. Please be sure to pick up a copy.

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About GREENZONE™ Movement Inc.
GREENZONE™ Movement Inc. launched in June 2013 with a straightforward mandate: to be a visionary company dedicated to applying the GREENZONE philosophy to programs that support green living in ‘mind space’ supporting a deeper commitment to rational, well-informed decisions on education, energy use, waste handling, water conservation, medical advancement and social intelligence. The ZONED Comic Contest about bullying, creating a platform for students to share their ideas on solutions to this global problem, is created, owned and managed by the GREENZONE™ Movement Inc. For more information see

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