Positive Self Images for YWCA Girls in Canada’s Arctic

YWCA Canada welcomes a dynamic new leader to Canada’s oldest women’s service organization

The Zoned Comics Community (ZCC) goal is to provide 35 new or gently used iPads for girls in Canada’s Arctic who participate in YWCA Programs. The ZCC has taken the lead in this project by providing the first 4 (four) iPads and we welcome your help!

Ms. Maya Roy, the new YWCA head, leads the organisation with passion, expertise, and feminist values that have been rooted in the organisation since the year 1870. With her support, and that of the YWCA and its member associations, the ZCC is confident that this goal can be met, if not exceeded, to make self-development software more accessible to girls’ programs in Canada’s North. Read more about Ms. Roy and her initiative with the YWCA here.

The Northern Lights Girls Club is a project through the YWCA Agvvik in Iqaluit focused on encouraging girls ages 9-13 to develop leadership skills and cultivate valuable friendships while employing their own voices, skills, and cultural identity. Given the high rates of violence and other social issues concerning women and children in Iqaluit, there is a pressing need to help the younger generations overcome barriers in order to gain greater self-confidence.

In another part of Canada’s North, YWCA NWT helps promote positive self image for young girls through through several community services such as GirlSpace. They provide activities that value teamwork, community engagement, and a safe place to learn about sexual health, relationships, human rights, body image and girls’ leadership. GirlSpace is an integral part of YWCA NWT’s violence prevention initiatives.

For more information about our goal, read the full press release in English here, in French here, or in Inuktitut here.

“Ms. Maya Roy, the new YWCA head, leads the organization with passion, expertise, and feminist values that have been rooted in the organization since the year 1870.”
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I have always believed in the sayings “attitude reflects leadership” and that “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” So by giving you this iPad, I encourage you to think and dare you to lead.

Enjoy, John Truckel

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– Pitseolak Ashoona

Pitseolak Ashoona had “an unusual life”, being born in a skin tent and living to hear on the radio that two men landed on the moon. Born in the first decade of the twentieth century, she lived in semi-nomadic hunting camps throughout southern Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Island) until the late 1950s when she moved to the Kinngait (Cape Dorset) area, settling in the town soon thereafter. In Cape Dorset she taught herself to draw and was an active contributor to the annual print collection. By the 1970s she was a world-famous artist, with work exhibited across North America and in Europe. She died in 1983, still at the height of her powers.

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