It is not every day that we get to support such a worthy and generous organization with a great reputation for helping children. My name is Cheryl Hitchcock and I would like to briefly describe my new workbook, The F*A*T*E Blueprint.

I have been a counselling therapist and stress management coach for the past 20 years. I developed this workbook to help people change their behaviours that are causing them stress, be it physical, mental or emotional. F*A*T*E is an acronym that stands for Feelings, Actions and Thoughts = Experiences.

The workbook is filled with valuable information and practical exercises that help people change their negative, stressful behaviours, and enables them to create more positive, less stressful lives.

I will be supporting the Zoned Comics Royalty Fee Program by donating 50 cents from the sale of each F*A*T*E Blueprint to help prevent bullying.

The first remittance to the Zoned Comics Royalty Fees Program will be made in the amount of $300. After which, royalty fees from the sale of all F*A*T*E Blueprints will be made on a quarterly basis to Zoned Comics.

A number of marketing initiatives will be implemented to promote The F*A*T*E Blueprint which include listing the Blueprint on Amazon, in-person “Meet the Author” promotions in selected Indigo/Chapters locations, online promotions through Stress and potentially media advertising. We project that 5,000 -7,500 copies of the F*A*T*E Blueprint will be sold within the first year.

There is a fragile balance to be had between profit and social impact. You attract and retain great people because your focus is not about just making money. We at Stress Slayer have a similar focus. Our children need our help now, more than ever before. Mentally they are suffering at the highest levels seen, outside of war. My goal is to help our youth overcome the stress that is overwhelming their young lives. I developed Stress Slayer to that end.