Corporate Partnerships

We are Shared Ventures Inc. with a cause, indeed, causes. We care about the social conditions under which children live and learn. We care about the creation of an inclusive society in which mutual respect and consideration replaces an atmosphere of cruelty and bullying.

Here we share. We share in that the Zoned Comic Royalty Program at the same time as pursuing this social goal, also seeks to make financial contributions to Shriners Children Hospitals – Canada. It is a win win approach which targets bullying, promotes social healing, while at the same time providing funding to assist Shriners to heal children in a literal way.

We invite your organization to join us in this dream. Shared Ventures Inc. offers a unique partnership arrangement whereby we facilitate the pathway to market of your product, a product which itself seeks a social good. We also offer a direct marketing initiative by which we effect targeted representation of your product into the boardrooms of corporations that can help make your sales goals a reality.

Partner with Us

The Zoned Comics Contest is also seeking to establish relationships with like minded corporate sponsors worldwide.

Squag Inc. is thrilled to support Zoned Comics on their mission to have stories about bullying heard around the world. Engaging young people to tell their own stories is in of itself a huge step forward for bullying awareness, not to mention the validation of having these stories transformed into a Marvel comic book! We share the values of Zoned Comics, both in our commitment to employ neurodiverse workforces and support organizations owned and operated by people on the autism spectrum. We believe in the strength of the Zoned Comic’s team to deliver on their vision.

Learn More about Squag is the beginning of a movement to improve the mental health of young people across North America and the world; contributing 75% of all proceeds to youth mental health organizations, with the goal of supporting mental health programs for our children and teens, offering alternatives to the destructive action that is fostered by our contemporary high-tech, high-stress culture.

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