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“Tell us a little bit about yourself.” Ugh. It is a question we are asked in various forms in both formal and informal settings: at a job interview; at school; at the dinner table. We hesitate because of the profound challenge of saying who we are in the few moments we are given to explain ourselves. We feel we are complicated, there are contradictions, there are nuances, and the time we are allowed demands that we simplify to the point of absurdity. We cannot be reduced to a sentence or two. It seems that everything we try to say on the spot ends up drawing a smaller and smaller circle around ourselves. It seems better to say nothing. We are much more than any response we might give in the moment.

The question, in fact, represents one of the greatest challenges to our self knowledge. Do we know ourselves so well that we can distill who we are down to a few words and place them in a neat package? The question prods us, pokes at us, challenges us that we all face that great ancient Delphic imperative to “know yourself” and that we need to grapple with the Socratic assertion that “The unexamined life is not worth living.” There is a profound degree of mindfulness demanded of us in these ancient imperatives. And their demands are no less relevant in our modern world, which seems at times to move too fast and much too electronically. We must confront our fundamental obligation to achieve a communing within ourselves, a self-communing. In a world which is becoming infinitely, yet superficially, connected, the nodal points of connection need to be authentic and examined. For real and powerful connection to happen, we must first and continually take time to know ourselves.

With these thoughts in view, The ZCC Community Spotlight program was designed to assist individuals to self-reflect in preparation for sharing their insights, thoughts, goals and dreams with others online. The program, using Facebook as the medium, is in many respects a process by which individuals are encouraged to reflect both inwardly and outwardly, as they endeavour to understand and define their position in the world. The process is an interactive one in which the mentors at ZCC interact with you to assist in this journey of self-definition and exploration.

Here, at the ZCC Community Spotlight program, is a place where you are encouraged to accomplish this exploration and, in so doing, tell the world who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re going.This is a place about being mindful, and about the way you take a stand on issues, including that of bullying, by being firm and secure and asking for change.

The Facebook page, dedicated to you individually, is the place where this journey is manifested, but at the same time you remain linked to the other mindful individuals within the ZCC community. We are using the medium of Facebook to establish a community of individuals who are interested in mindfully knowing themselves. They are interested not in self-promotion for its own sake, but in crafting an expression of their dreams, aspirations and positions on the issues confronting our communities and world, so that attention is drawn to those issues which press them most, and by that means action follows to make the world a better place.

The exploration of one’s identity, of course, has many historical precedents. Among them is the period of the Renaissance. This is a period which saw the advent of the self-portrait. In this vein, we give attention to the importance of the right photograph for the Facebook page as a starting point in this journey.

For more information about the ZCC Community Spotlight Program please contact us at info@zonedcomics.com.

Art & Soul Photography

What would you do if you were a young, frustrated, under-appreciated over-achiever working for a large corporation? Go back to school and learn a job that takes 70 hours a week for half the money!

Grainne (pronounced Gronya) is my soul mate and lifelong partner. She is passionate about life, compulsively positive. Like me, Grainne shares a similar story.

We have and continue to teach our art throughout Europe and North Africa. We have also had the honour of being invited to take the pictures of various V.I.P.’s. The Honourable Bill Clinton being one.

We love our work because we chose it. Our clients tell us we serve up a really fun experience with amazingly different results.

Art & Soul Photography

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Andrew B.B. Jamieson

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