Christina's Story

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While a person may appear to have a life that is fulfilling and successful, it’s impossible to know exactly what an individual has been through in their life and how it has affected them. Christina’s story struck a chord with the Sway team because she works in the entertainment industry and is working in the public eye, much like many …


Japjee's Story

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“Life growing up was disheartening,” says Japjee Singh, an 18-year-old from Dunwoody, Georgia. Growing up in a northern suburb of Atlanta in DeKalb County meant Japjee, a brown-skinned Sikh from Punjab, tended to stick out. He describes it: “I’m here, this one brown kid, who wears a turban”, and the other kids were quick to notice. When he was eight-years-old, …


Taylor's Story

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A Message from the Presenter: Hello, my name is Grâce Toléqué and I am the designer behind Grace & Angeline Jewelry Studio. Primarily self-taught, I have been designing jewelry with colored gemstones for over 25 years. Born in Paris (France) and raised in the Central African Republic, I now live in Toronto (Canada) and I am honored to have been …


Bree's Story

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We can brighten each other’s world by a simple smile or kind word. By sharing personal stories of bullying … drops of hope, courage, and forgiveness can spread outward. It can touch the recipients of bullying, their family, and even all the way to the ones who are doing the bullying. But more importantly it can activate CHANGE. Change in …



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With this project, I’m trying to find people whose stories take them past challenges others might be too afraid to confront. I’m hoping along with this organisation I can help in my own small way to present stories that inspire others to confront those same challenges and become stronger people for it. One of the goals in presenting these stories …


Amy and Her Autism, Prologue

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Amy loves the movies. Amy also, as it happens, has Autism. But an interesting thing about Amy is that she is on a journey, the extent of which she is only beginning to become aware of. Amy’s journey is to find an understanding of both her Autism, and of her very self. And as we follow her adventures and reflections, …


The Autistic Spectrum and Film

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When you think of the smell of popcorn on a Saturday afternoon, what immediately comes to your mind? For many it is the thought of sinking into a comfortable chair and escaping into the sights and sounds of the big screen of a movie theatre. We enter there willingly, even eagerly, don’t we? It is as if we allow ourselves …